Fire extinguisher refilling is essential for maintaining the functionality of your fire extinguishers and ensuring they are ready to use in the event of an emergency

Services Offered:

  1. Fire Extinguisher Inspection
    • Visual inspection for damages and corrosion
    • Verification of the extinguisher's pressure gauge
    • Inspection of safety pin, tamper seal, and hose
    • Checking the manufacturing date and service history
  2. Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
    • Disassembly and internal inspection of components
    • Replacement of damaged or worn parts
    • Thorough cleaning of the extinguisher's interior
    • Leakage testing to ensure proper sealing
  3. Fire Extinguisher Refilling
    • Proper identification of extinguisher type and required agent
    • Refilling with the appropriate extinguishing agent
    • Re-pressurizing the extinguisher to manufacturer's specifications
    • Updating service tags and records
  4. Fire Extinguisher Certification
    • Comprehensive inspection and maintenance according to local regulations
    • Issuing a certificate of compliance for your records
    • Providing recommendations for fire safety improvements



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